German quality

Our products are passing professional quality control in modern test center. According to German quality standards of products, completed tests proved high efficiency of the products.

Fingerprint sensor from Sweden

We are implementing a bio-metric FPC sensor from Sweden, to provide the highest security. This kind of sensor are used by 135 banks all over the world. Identify within 0.5sec.

Patented high secure lock body

KAADAS locks have three advantages (anti-sawing, anti-hacking, anti-hit), Universal installation, fit for any door open direction, push handle up is blocking up the door.

Sensitive touch keypad

Stylish and high-sensitivity glass touch keypad allows you to prevent illegal duplication of fingerprints.

Card Technology

Identification cards, bus cards and other card can be use as door cards.


Mix password is unique intelligent encryption system. The possibility of using a mix password will prevent illegal entry. You can input any digits before and after the correct password.

Intelligent alert system

The keys with B level of protection; When the door is opened by the mechanical key, the alarm will turn on; when the incorrect password has been inputted 5 or more times - alarm system will be activated; the sudden damage on the external panel turns on the alarm too.


Interface for 485/433/Zigbee/Z-wave/Bluetooth have been obligated for further upgrade,easy update to network "Smart Home".

Remote control

Wireless remote control will instantly open the lock, save your time.

Security manager

You are able to control the lock through your cell phone from outside. If the wrong password was input, or the lock was damaged or hacked, safe manager will send the message to contact phone number; if your are kidnapped, by entering special code will call police.